How To Have a Website THAT WORKS?

Website Design Centrix CorpHaving a website is just the beginning of the journey! Don't get confused nor let other regular web designers mislead you. A good website is the best first piece of the puzzle but having it does not mean it will work! We mean that a website works when it reaches your goal, whether it being to sell products, find prospects, give out information about a product or service to a specific target, collect donations, etc. In other words, most likely: when it leaves money in your pocket!

Search for experienced designers who design for success from scratch! We are in business since 1993 and it sure makes a difference! You will not go wrong with Centrix. We do websites THAT WORK! - Read More About Website Design>>

What is Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization - SEO - Centrix Corp

Having traffic to your website is definitely very important. No doubt about it!

Traffic comes basically from people you know and people who don't know you (which is the vast majority) and that is why we are good at SEO - Search Engine Optimization - and can rank your site in the first page of Google and other search engines as we have done it for general queries for our clients AND WITHOUT paying them. But truly, traffic comes from many sources, not only search engines. Social Networks, newsletters, blogs, etc. also count and are very important.  So do not be misled by those who talk only about SEO. Do not get us wrong. It is an important piece of the puzzle, but it is not all. Think about Inbound Marketing! - Read More About Traffic Generation>>

Why is Website Content Important?

Delivery of valuable content - Centrix Corp.

Having traffic to your website is important but if you do not deliver content of value to that traffic you will kill it! Let's face it, do you go the 4th time to a website if in your first three visits you found exactly the same content? You won't - regardless being #1 in Google! - What makes you think people won't do to you what you to them? Content is king and we will help you generate it.

For a successful website you need to constantly update it with unique fresh content! We will teach you how to make this a fun recurrent task so you don't have to suffer for CPC (Copy-Paste-Charge) that regular developers love! - Read More About Writing Good Website Content>>

What is the Cost of a Website?

low cost web design - Centrix Corp

Here is the naked truth! (and is what web developers never tell you). You better find a way to do all three above:

  1. Have a good website
  2. Generate traffic to it
  3. Make permanent changes to deliver fresh unique content

at a very, very low cost or otherwise, the profits from the website will go to pay the webmaster.

Having a website THAT WORKS FOR YOU requires effort and as your brick and mortar business does, it has some associated marketing costs. Paying only for hosting on your website is like expecting your business to sell just because you pay the rent! C'mon! You know it does not work that way. Think about it! - Results at a low cost is what we deliver! - Read More On How to have a website that works at a Low Cost>>

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Nathan Schramm - Client"Oscar Henao with Centrix helped me build my web page when Natural Eyes of Weston opened in 2012. It took a few months to get there, but now my website works for me very well. Without paying for ad words, we are on the first page of Google for relevant searches.

It is important to be on the first page when patients search for a doctor in my field. Oscar and Centrix taught me and helps me maintain my website so that it continues to rank highly on web searches and it takes only about 20 minutes a week to do. Thank you, Oscar!"

Dr. Nathan Schramm
Optometric Physician

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Tip Of The Week

This is Effective Marketing!

The Inbound Marketing Methodology
Phase I: Attracting Visitors to your website.

By Oscar HENAO -

The concept of Inbound Marketing involves a set of four actions taken using several online marketing tools to ATTRACT strangers into visitors of your website, then CONVERT those visitors into leads, then CLOSE them into customers to finally DELIGHT them in such a way that you turn them into promoters of your brand and product. The tools are used under the concept of aligning the content you publish with the interest of your customers for each stage of the path.

Centrix Corp - Websites THAT WORK - Inblund Methodology

Today we will begin by going a little more deep into the ATTRACT phase, the first link in the chain.

In the Attract phase, the objective is to bring those millions of strangers in the web and make them visit your website. This is a very challenging task and will be treated in three parts: first, we will prepare an optimized website to where the traffic will be arriving to find all we have to offer; second we will deliver content of value to that traffic through... Continue reading>>